Who I am


I am a Cloud Solution Architect with Microsoft focusing on Data and AI services. I have 12 years in the industry ranging from networking to systems engineering to cloud development. I have a passion for Microsoft Azure Modern Data workloads as well as IoT. Most of my career has been spent in manufacturing or higher Ed with time in financial services as well.


Why I do this


We all rely on the community to help us solve problems and ultimately our growth as technical resources. The purpose of this blog is to highlight topics which I think will be beneficial to the community at large and hopefully help others as I have been helped along the way.


What I can do for you


I can help you design and implement modern data solutions. Data is at the core of every business and capturing that data and putting it to work is pivotal to creating greater insights and efficiencies within our businesses. Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter to discuss Modern Data architecture patterns or IoT.