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Convert your Power App to code

At Microsoft Ignite earlier this month, the Power Apps team announced Power Fx, " low code language for expressing logic across the Microsoft Power Platform."

Power Fx allows Power App developers to take a more traditional approach with their Power App applications. Converting your apps to code allows you to store the code in a repository such as Github, collaborate, and track changes. You can also re-use canvases, controls, and design elements more easily across your apps. This allows greater democratization of the platform supporting low-code citizen developers as well as code-first seasoned pro's.

I am going to provide a brief tutorial on getting started.

First, export your Power App from the portal as a .msapp file. To do this, open your app for editing. Next, click File --> "Save as" and select the option for "this computer." Download the package.

You will need the tool to un-pack .msapp files called PASopa.exe. Keep in mind this app and functionality is currently experimental.

First, clone the git repo then run the build.cmd script.

Once you run the build.cmd script, the executable will be created in the bin\Debug\PASopa directory.

To un-pack your msapp file, run the below command substituting the name of your package:

.\PASopa.exe -unpack "C:\users\steve\Downloads\IoT Device Sim.msapp"

And that is it! The executable will drop a new directory in the source directory for your package (in my case Downloads).

Once I figure out how these files are organized, and how to recognize common elements and how they map back to the portal experience, I will post part 2.

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